ユーアンドミーテクノロジー (http://www.youme.info) のお問い合わせフォームよりお客様からのメッセージが送信されました。

差出人:     Grant Lira
メールアドレス: davidsturner36@gmail.com
電話番号:    0156-3431707


You just pay per booked appointment that shows up & there is no set-up fee with our company.

I know you just read this message and are probably hesitant to believe it.

So to be clear, you are getting SHOWED appointments for just 135 each with no upfront expense.

The sole reason we couldn’t help you is if you don’t meet any of the following requirements:

– B2B business
– 7 figure+ business
– You serve a wide variety of clients (not niched down in an industry)
– Have a unique value proposition
– Be able to take on 50 additional appoints each month (bare minimum)

I originally reached out because I believe you qualify for these, but let me know if I’m incorrect as we wouldn’t be able to produce results then.

If these are true for your company, It’d be awesome to have a quick chat here to see how we can help: